We are proud to serve you with the following areas:
  • Compounding: We have many years experiences in plastic compounding to modify plastic materials for better properties such as mechanical, electrical and thermal properties and flame retardant characteristic to meet end requirements. Our R & D department is working very hard on trying out different additives to give the best results to meet targeted properties.

  • Recycling: Besides compounding, we are also involve in plastic recycling to help resin manufacturers, plastic product manufacturers to recycle their plastic wastes. We convert these plastic wastes into high quality recycled resins target to replace prime resins yet the quality of the finished products is not affected. We are capable of handling different forms and sizes of plastic wastes and we ensure that the wastes are properly treated in an environmental friendly ways.

Some of the common plastic materials we process are EVA, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PET, PA, PC, PMMA, POE, PP, PPO/PPE etc.

To ensure quality consistency, all our products go through lot test before delivery. Any material that is out of specification will not has a chance to get out of our warehouse.

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